Crochet – A déjà vu

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It’s been a long time, a very very long time since I had a crochet hook in my hands… It’s like with riding a bike – once you hop on you start paddling. I picked up a few red/white/blue balls of cotton and a medium size hook and went for it! What a rewarding little thing to do here and there and end up with something pretty & useful at the same time. Again, my little girl served as my inspiration. As I wrote here before I was looking for some fun needlework that was doable for a six-year old and discovered crocheting for myself.

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This has got to be the easiest project with the least materials needed and therefore very affordable & portable as well!

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You can get yarn & needle together for $3!

I’ve been adding a row or tow whenever possible. At the park, in carpool lane, and in front of the TV! This is such a rewarding activity.


I’ve already made a blanket and a scarf for my daughter’s doll Ciara.

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Now I am working on a red/white/blue stroller blanket for my baby girl. I found this super creative blogger on Pinterest and learned how to crochet little stars. I am planning on adding those to the finished blanket. It’s perfect for my STELLA!

This is how far I’ve gotten in less than a week: 16 ” by 24 “!


It takes about a ball of yarn to crochet 5″.


I think I am about half way there with this blanket. Its heavy and warm. I can’t wait to wrap Stella up in it on Saturday mornings when we go to watch the kids play soccer.

What will you be starting today! 🙂

Whatever it is – enjoy!




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