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In the beginning there was a skirt – this skirt.

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It sparked a real passion in my life. I stumbled upon this book: Making Children’s Clothes (by Emma Hardy)

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as I was browsing through random books at my local bookstore. It was love at first sight! I bought the book that night (usually I’ll go home and order it online!)  and the next day I went fabric shopping. This was going to be the first garment I ever made! It looked easy enough but most importantly it was so darned cute! I wanted my little girl to wear one of these. Since it was made using three different fabrics plus ribbon I thought of all the different options that this skirt could be made of.

The fabric shopping wasn’t as successful. I was looking for small floral prints but couldn’t find 3 coordinating ones. After all, this was my first time shopping for fabric for an actual garment! The lines were filled with fabric but nothing looked like the skirt in my book. I was lost in fabric land! I ended up with 2 floral prints and one with yellow polka dot! Again, this was my first time… What was I thinking! Not until the skirt was done did I realize that it didn’t look anything like the skirt in the picture.


I wanted to just shred it. I even tried the same kind of green gingham ribbon between the tiers and ripped that off quickly.

After I got over the initial disappointment I let me daughter wear this skirt to the park just for fun.  And then it happened. As she was climbing up and down the play structure I realized something. Paired with a simple t-shirt and some cute leggings she looked adorable! I just loved the way she moved in it. It wasn’t the perfect skirt by any means but I felt so proud that I made it for her. No one else in the world would have the same exact skirt. Unlike all the Gap & Old Navy outfits she usually wore this skirt was unique! And that’s when I decided I was going to keep making skirts for her until I got it just right! I knew I could do it! With the right fabric, and the detailing I knew these skirts had something.

I love little girls in skirts. Skirts are versatile and comfortable; they can be dressed up or down. You can wear them over leggings or play shorts. You can wear them short, long, above the knee or just below. There is no shape or length that doesn’t ‘flatter’ a little girl. Skirts can be made out of any material: Silk, linen, cotton, knit, corduroy, denim with flip-flop, over sandals, boots, and loafers etc. etc. You get my point.

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(some of the skirts I’ve made after reading Emma Hardy’s book.)

Ever since that first skirt that summer of 2009 I made every single skirt that my daughter has in her closet. There might be one or two hand-me-downs (after all who can turn down a gift!), a skirt we found on sale at the store but 90% of them are made by mommy! The absolute bonus is that my daughter loves it when I make her a skirt (or any other garment). She sometimes helps pick the fabric or the trim and of course does the ‘twirl test’ for me! 🙂

FlowerPowerSkirt.jpg   MichaelMillerFabric.jpg

(First two corduroy skirts in 2010.)

My latest creation is the circle skirt. I wrote about it in my Little Red costume post.

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When I first started this journey in making children’s clothes I had no idea that there were (free!) tutorials & videos!!! online. My only references were books I found at the store.  Today, I make all kinds of clothes & costumes for my children. (Pictured below a nightdress and toddler dress which are the other patterns from Emma Hardy’s book that I’ve made several of. )

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I even made 2 skirts for myself! Never ever did I imagine that I could sew for myself. Actually, I get more compliments on the things I make myself than the store bought ones. That makes me so happy! Enjoying the process of making and then being able to wear or use whatever I make is the best feeling of all. It sort of justifies my fabric shopping habit. 🙂 Oh, how I love shopping for fabric! That’s where the joy starts, then cutting the fabric, then sewing it up, then wearing it!!! So much fun & joy!

Ever since I discovered that Joann’s wasn’t my only option for fabrics I feel like a kid in a candy store! The local fabric shops & online options in addition to tutorials on how to turn old garments into new clothes is like a eureka moment for me.  In the future I am planning on slowing down on making skirts for my daughters. Instead I’d love to redo some of my t-shirts into interesting Anthropologie-inspired tops.

The downside of all the custom made bounty of skirts & dresses for my kids is that my older daughter who is picky to begin with is calling pants “ugly clothes”. Like this morning when she cried because I wanted her to wear store-bought Capri pants! It’s been raining here for 2 days so I thought perfect time to use these pants with sneakers. But noooo! She wanted to look ‘cute’. Needless to say I was pretty mad. It didn’t help that my youngest has a cold and didn’t sleep AT ALL last night!!! Discussing outfits with a six-year old early in the morning is not really a good start into the day for me… But that’s all settled now and she is off to school wearing jeans – her only other clothing she’ll wear if it’s not mommy-made…

Like my husband always says: You never know who she’s going to be. It’ll all make sense later… I’m thinking she’d better be Coco Chanel or somebody with that sense of style! Anyway, my baby is napping now and these dishes won’t do themselves.

Gotta go! Is it Thursday yet?





(Once I fest confident following a pattern I just went for it! Seda’s holiday skirt made from inexpensive flannel and ‘pimped’ up with velvet ribbon, heart button and my favorite pompom ribbon!)

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(Easy breezy summer skirts: Can’t go wrong with nautical seersucker, stripes, red, white & blue!)


photo 1 (26)

(Our fall favorites: corduroy!)


‘Cause I loved the print so much I had to have both colors! 🙂

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