Red Riding Hood Costume, Part 2

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Ahhh, it feels good to complete a project!

Yesterday morning I dedicated another hour and a half to the rest of red riding hood’s outfit. She is eager to go visit grandma who isn’t doing so well they say. All I have left to do is pack a basket of organic goodies and off I’ll send my little red…

So yesterday I tackled that cape-thingy. It wasn’t all that hard I have to say and interestingly the cutting out part was similar to the cutting of the circle skirt. Except for I only folded my fleece once.

But let’s start from the top! On Monday ,I purchased a yard of a pretty standard fleece (on sale!) at JoAnn’s. Since the fleece came in a really generous width I cut the fabric in half right down where it is folded on the bolt. That left me with a 38 ” x 31 ” piece which I folded in half and did my compass trick! (Read: Tape a string to a fabric marker and draw a line as if you are making a circle using a compass!) Oh boy, I am giving away all the trick’s of the trade…

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Anyway, I cut out a small neck piece on top and used my fabric to the max to get some length. I think the cape should have been longer but I don’t thing Little Red minds. It’s pretty hot in Texas on Halloween. So she should be alright with this cropped version.


The benefits of using fleece apart from it’s softness, price and warmth is that I didn’t have to hem at all. What a time saver! I only hemmed the neckline where I attached the hood since I needed strings as ties anyway and also because I wanted to put the left-over polka dot fabric from the skirt to good use. I made my own bias tape! Yeah! So easy with this handy little thing!

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This made me really happy. Every time I can use up left-over scraps I do a little happy dance. It also looks good and was the first thing my husband noticed. His comment:” Oh, cool. You matched the trim to the skirt!” I couldn’t have hoped for a better input! It’s the little things that count. 🙂

Back to sewing: I used up what-ever was left of my fleece after I cut the cape for the hood.  It wasn’t much and looked like it was going to be too small but I went for it anyway. After all, it’s a costume. If I planned on Seda wearing this thing as a cape after Halloween I would have had to cut into the 2nd half of my fleece. But I was  being kind of stingy here. Sorry!

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Oh, talking ’bout stingy. I ‘upcycled’ this old night gown my mother gave me to use in my projects and turned it into a lacy-apron! I also used up the lace ribbon I would have loved to trim the skirt with on Monday but didn’t have enough of. It makes the perfect apron strings! This all came together nicely. Making use of things I have laying around. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Triple smile!

Now, all I have left to do is dress my baby girl in this and go to the ‘woods’ for a real photo shoot. They have these really creepy looking creeks here in the suburbs that I think would make a perfect backdrop!!

So long my friends, I have some organizing to do today. My craft folders are OVERFLOWING!

Talk to y’all later,


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