Red Riding Hood Costume, Part 1

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Seda’s first REAL twirly skirt!

So, here I am. It’s Monday and although I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep (thanks teething baby!) I must have gotten up on the right foot. Not only have I taken the kids to school this am, came back and did some cleaning & laundry at home. I even took a shower before 10 am! Took the baby to the park, put her down for a nap and got started on Seda’s Halloween costume. I knew that I wanted to incorporate this really cute polka dotted red cotton that I purchased one yard of (at Walmart of all places) last week.

I didn’t want to make another gathered or tiered skirt. For months now I have had this circle skirt tutorial bookmarked on my computer (thanks MADE!) but looking at all the math I was hesitant. Very intimating with all the radius and circumfrance calculations and what the heck was pi again????

I am more of a free-lance sewer. I literally burned the image of the diagram into my head and WITHOUT any measuring started tracing where I would make the first cut (for the waist) and second for the hemline of the skirt. With only an hour on my hands I needed it to work- fast! Little did I know how easy and quick this skirt would be. I took a huge leap of faith, looked at the instructions one more time and without having Seda’s latest measurements I just started marking and cutting! The fabric wasn’t expensive. So I took my chances. I thought to myself if all fails it’ll be great practice for the next skirt. I didn’t have a compass so I had to go with the improvised version and tied a string to a fabric marker. That actually worked! Seriously it worked! This is what the fabric looked like cut:


I eyeballed the elastic. I have a pretty good idea how big Seda’s waist is (of course I could have run to her room and gotten one of her skirts to use as a guide) but again I was pressed for time and didn’t want to walk by the baby’s bedroom and risk waking her up. So I just went for it. Sewed up the elastic on the ends and attached my donut (that’s what the fabric looks like after you cut out the top hole and trim the hem on the buttom) to the elastic. I had to stretch the elastic as I sewed the waist on. No complications here. Almost done.

Now to hemming the skirt. I really wanted to sew this lace trim ribbon to the bottom. It would have looked vintage and so pretty but that is a lot of fabric along the hemline. A whole spool of lace wasn’t enough so I went with option 2 and zig-zag stitched the bottom of the skirt and folded over once and pressed. Then I top stitched the hem. It all looked pretty good so far.

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It just needed that special touch… Hhmmm? Oh, wait a minute, did I not buy this perfect trim in Germany? What? Could it be red riding hood and that big bad wolf? Perfect!

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The whole process was surprisingly easy and like Dana says simpler than a gathered skirt to sew! Yes! I love easy! Especially when the final product looks like this!

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Absolutely adorably! Seda didn’t stop twirling when she tried it on after school. Love love love it! Guess what she’ll be wearing to school tomorrow? Yep. #LittleRedRidingHoodPolkaDottedTwirlyCircleSkirt! Go girl!

All I have left to sew to complete her costume is a hooded cape. I sure hope that I’ll wake up on the right foot again tomorrow. We’ll see. Until then – goodnight!

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Bye bye!



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