Five minute project

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I’ve been meaning to share this quick and easy but really pretty project with you for a while now. Literally this morning while the baby was napping I put this pretty display together. It’s that easy. You might have seen some of these on Pinterest. They can be simple, personalized with embroidery yarn (we did this at my daughter’s sixth birthday party), painted on or whatever your creative mind can think of. This 5-minute version is a square piece of pretty fabric strung onto a simple wooden embroidery loop.

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You can find these loops in various sizes at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s or any other fabric and quilting store. I love using my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby & JoAnns. That’s why mine are all from those two stores.

The largest one I have is 23″ the smallest is 4″. I am using the 8″ hoop in the demo.

You’ll need a small square of fabric (the size of your hoop but don’t cut it yet), scissors, measuring tape and if you’d like to hang it on a string or ribbon that’s up to you. Otherwise these hoops hang right on a nail without any manipulation. So easy.

Let’s get started.

Gather all your materials: embroidery loop, fabric square, scissors, measuring tape (and optional: twine or ribbon).

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Unwind the screw on the outer loop and take inner circle out.

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Place your square of fabric OVER the inner loop and put outer loop on top.

Press the outer loop over the inner loop as tout as you can and wind the screw tight.

The fabric should feel like a drum.

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Now grab those scissors and trim the access fabric off making sure to be as close to the wood as possible.


And voila! You finished your first loop! Hang it up or add ribbon.

Make a couple of more in the same size for a uniform look or mix fabrics in different prints & colors and play with different size loops to add some drama.

I love the possibilities with these loops. They are interchangeable, versatile, quick! and really fun. Involve your children. Mine love helping me.

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Just recently I decorated Seda’s party room with colorful fabrics on hoops. You can also see that a simple felt banner hung across the room is all this room needed to get the party started!

party room with embroidery hoo

If you’d like to take your loop to the next level I found this great tutorial on Under kid’s craft Annabel Wrigley demonstrates a cross stitch over a gingham fabric. It’s so beautiful and easy to make. I love how they spell LOVE. I think I am going to do one with my daughter for her room that spells: PEACE! I could easily spell her name SEDA but she has many displays in her room that have her letters on it.

Talking about I cannot say enough great things about them. With a $10/month subscription you can view all these tutorials by very popular designers and artists. My favorites are Annabel Wrigley for doing projects with kids, Amy Butler’s tunic project, and everything by Anna-Maria Horner! She is amazing. She inspired my to start quilting which I will with a class starting the end of October. I can barely contain myself thinking I will have a finished quilt in 4 weeks!

Some other artists I like for their improvisational skills are Amy Karol. Again great for projects with kids.

I really hope you’ll give the five-minute project a try. I know you’ll love it.

Take care,


P.S. Here is Seda’s self portait:

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