An ode to September

With all three children one year older this month and especially my little man NINE years old now – holy cow! NINE! I realize that I’ve been a parent for almost a decade!

I think this calls for a walk down memory lane – memories of all the fun parties we got to throw for our boy.

Isaiah has had a variety of birthday parties depending on where we lived and what his interests were. For his first birthday I got to fly to Germany with him to celebrate with my family. I ordered his cake from the best bakery in town – not a difficult task since pretty much all German bakeries are pretty darned delicious – but one thing I didn’t keep in mind was that Germans write the uppercase ‘I’ like the English ‘J’… Boy did that look funny on the stawberry cake… But it was my first attempt at ‘personalizing’ a party. I learned my lesson.

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His second birthday fell on the weekend of our move from Los Angeles to Orange County.  We invited our friends to a local park on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a brunch with bagels, fruit and a yummy red velvet cake with Elmo on it. A fun musician entertained the children (& parents too)! Actually she was a Jane-of-all trades and made balloon animals and also painted the kid’s faces.  Everyone had a blast.  My little boy on the other hand was only interested in the bubble machine that she had working behind her.

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Fast forward one year. We had comfortably settled into our lives in Orange County. Isaiah had started preschool. We had just welcomed our little girl Seda into our lives. It was time to celebrate! We invited all of his preschool friends. Playball OC was a big deal for this age group so we had someone come and play fun games with the kids for an hour. Another big hit with 3-year-olds are bouncy houses of course. Ours had Disney’s Cars on it. The cake was shaped like a racetrack. We loved this birthday party especially because our family from Kentucky flew in to meet the new baby and celebrate Isaiah!

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A year later for his fourth birthday Isaiah wanted to celebrate with his best buddy Jackson. Jackson’s mom Maryam and I planned and planned and planned to make this day very special for our boys. Between the two families we pretty much invited every four-year-0ld in Newport Beach to this party!! At least it seemed that way. But we loved it! We had a local musical act, a area marked off for hot-wheel races and shady canopies set-up for the adults to chill. The boys picked cupcake-cakes shaped like ‘4’. Isaiah wanted vanilla, Jackson chose chocolate. Perfect!

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The year Isaiah turned five we had just spent the whole summer overseas. So the planning started months before in Germany where I purchased all the party decorations and favors too. This time Isaiah was into pirates! He even wore his pirate costume to the party. Arrrgghh! This time we took care of all the entertainment. My husband wrote a pirate story that led the kid’s on a scavenger hunt with an ancient map and all. I have to say the preparation for this party was really fun.

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When Isaiah turned six he was all into legos. We had family and friends in town – yeah! –  and all of Isaiah’s soccer friends and classmates on the guest list! The kids built and built and battled their creations. Endless fun!

 photo 3 (6)  madewithover (11)

A year later we changed up the location from park to indoors and had a hi-tech interactive race car party at WowzVille. Little did we know then that this would be our final birthday bash in beautiful Orange County! This was also the first year Isaiah insisted on not having any kind of cake but ice cream instead. He just does not like cake or chocolate. I wished I could say that about myself …

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By the time Isaiah turned eight we had already been living in Texas for 4 months and were a family of five now!  We decided to skip the party altogether and had Isaiah pick a ‘large’ present instead. He chose his very first tablet and was over the moon about it!

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Well, now into our second year in Texas we had to ‘catch’ up from last year and went all out celebrating his 9th birthday this past weekend. We had the GameTruck come out to the house and invited his soccer team and some other friends from the neighborhood.

madewithover (10)

I got to decorate my heart out for this one but not as much as I did with my girls… I had to keep it very ‘masculine’ you know now that he is almost double-digits and all. 🙂 No cute nothing at this party. Only COOL was acceptable! So I searched hi and low and found these really ‘cool’ key chains at the Puma outlet store. We put them with some other goodies inside of a ‘cool’ Puma tote and personalize each of them.

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This was the first time for us that ALL parents dropped off which was kind of strange to have the house empty while the boys were playing on the truck for 2 hours! They only came in for pizza and ice cream cake! (That’s Isaiah’s compromise. Cake for the pictures but he only eats the vanilla ice cream!! Love their little personalities.) 🙂

 photo 2 (5)photo 1 (5)

Thinking back of all the fun we’ve had celebrating Isaiah’s birth I feel very fortunate to now have 3 children to spoil and enjoy. And it was Isaiah who started this big September celebration nine years ago. Isaiah has left his mark on my calendar and in my life forever. September has a very special place in our family. It’s a tough months with school starting and all the transitioning into fall. It’s an expensive months again with back-to-school shopping and all the birthday partying but it’s my favorite time of year. Only Christmas can compare. So to you September, thank you for being the beginning of all good things for the Mosbys. We are looking forward to the many many more celebrations we get to have in the years to come.

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