Change of Plans

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A happy change of plans this morning when we found out that all soccer fields were going to be closed due to yesterday’s rain! I can’t say that everyone enjoyed these news. Especially the boys weren’t too happy about it. They thought it was perfect soccer weather but than again they think any weather is perfect sports weather. I was excited to hear the good news with a latte in my hand that my husband brought back from Starbucks and a whole day ahead. Ahhh, the possibilities…

We ended up in downtown Dallas like most weekends when we don’t have anything else to do. We love going to the DMA ( and visiting the Klyde Warren Park across the street right after. It’s so urban but relaxing and a nice break from our suburban soccer-parent lifestyle.

This was the first time we visited since the baby started walking which was interesting to watch – her little 30″ amongst all these dogs, kids and grown-ups playing Frisbee, football, you name it! She loved it though and went and touched everyone and started babbling with them. So so cute!

Years ago, when my husband and I lived in Dallas (this was before the kids!) we lived in Uptown. We always wished that there would be more action in our neighborhood. There was absolutely nothing going on back than. Just construction here and there. I must say, who ever dreamed up such a vibrant Downtown / Uptown area they did a fantastic job! It is booming in Dallas. I love all the young families. Where were they 9 years ago? The restaurants, shops, town homes, apartment buildings, museums, a trolley … all remind me of Chicago, New York or San Francisco minus the water. ¬†What is so nice about these outings for our family is that EVERYONE enjoys them equally! There is something for everyone. Oh, the food trucks that are park alongside the park are there every single day!! There are books, magazines & board games to check out – for free! The lime green tables & chairs are plentiful. There are ping pong tables, putting green, croquet, dog park,music, children’s park, water park, chess!!!

After a day hanging out at the park we return home relaxed & inspired! Kids watch football with their dad and I get to spend some time in my sewing room.

Here are a couple of pictures from our previous visits. Can’t wait to go back soon! So long Dallas.

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Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter this park is the perfect outing for my family!



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