Lavender Sachet, DIY

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I really hope you’ll give these a try. They are so easy! I promise! Let’s get started:

Gather all your supplies: 2 x 5.5 ” pieces of fabric, 2 oz. of organic lavender seeds (I purchased mine on Amazon for $15.99/pound), little spoon to scoop seeds, 8 ” ribbon, sewing machine with matching thread, hand sewing needle and more thread, iron (optional), pinking shears (optional), disappearing ink marker and a piece of paper to make your shape of choice.

  1. Make a heart or any other shape with paper – that’s your pattern! (Mine measured 5” across.)
  2. Trace your shape onto fabric.

photo (87)3. Cut out your shape (front & back).

photo (84)

4. Pin right sides together. TIP: This is where I inserted an 8” ribbon into the heart sandwich. This will later make your loop!

photo 25. Sew around your shape with a very small seam leaving an inch or two opening. Tip: The bigger the opening the easier it is to turn inside out and fill with seeds.

photo (85)6. Trim your shape with pinking shears.

madewithover (8)6. Turn inside out & press seams.

photo (94)

7. Fill the heart with lavender seeds (for mine I used about 2 ounces.) You are almost done!! 🙂

photo (89)8. Slip stitch opening closed.

photo (86)There you have it! Keep, give, trade, or simply admire your handmade sachet!  I made some for Stella’s guests this Sunday, saved some to send overseas as Christmas gifts, and slipped some in the linen drawers to repel moths.

photo (90)

P.S. I  love giving gifts that are hand-made, pretty, useful & in this case even come with a list of benefits. Read about the benefits of lavender here

Happy sewing!

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