Wednesday, already? It’s time to take another look at that weekly to-do list and take inventory. Yep, I thought so. Haven’t gotten much checked off my list. But I have a feeling that I’ll be catching up today. Is it because I’ve been up since 3 am? And why do  smoke detectors come on at night? And how come they don’t really detect smoke? Or should they be called ‘alarm clocks’ instead? Or are they made to increase family time? ‘Cause why else did I have the WHOLE FAMILY in my bed this morning when that thing didn’t stop chirping? Chirping? Well, it sounds worse than that of course…

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have smoke detectors installed. I am happy to share some cuddle time with the family but not at 3 am !!!! Especially today with Stella’s doctor’s appointment scheduled. About that… Boy, was she in a bad mood. The doctor and I were chatting away about how we both have the same age kids, how the two older ones are in third grade and Kinder respectively and guess what? They even attend the SAME school!!! But no, Miss Stella didn’t want to be part of this conversation. She just wanted to leave his office asap. Before she even got her shots she would not stop SCREAMING! She must have remembered the last time we were there (shortly after we returned from Germany) and this not-so-friendly nurse came in, gave her her booster Hep shot and was out the door within 2 minutes. Now, our Stella is used to attention. You WILL NOT ignore this one or she will throw a fit. Which she has all the way to the car. That’s why Momma is drinking a cup of regular coffee instead of decaf tea while baby is napping! But at the same time I feel like I am going to get a lot done today. Could it be the caffeine talking? 🙂

Well, also I did some prep work last night. All first year pics are printed. I also swung by Hobby Lobby in the afternoon with the kids to purchase some pretty paper. Now its off to cutting and glueing. I love this part. I will take pics and post them once I figure out size and shape of this baby’s first year banner.



Wish me luck!

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