A star is born!

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It’s time to bring out the balloons & light a candle! We have yet another birthday girl in the house. Our little Stella turns ONE today!

Rewind 364 days: Impatiently we have been waiting for your entrance into the world. It was way past your due date and my tummy was getting rounder and rounder. You know you are huge when even strangers gasp at the sight of your tummy!

 We had been living in our new home for over 2 months and in Texas for almost 4 months when finally over the weekend the little pokes and aches started getting more intense. Since we planned to have you at home I tried really hard to visualize how this whole thing would go down. We had your brother and sister here and no friends and family nearby to call. What would they be doing? Would they wonder why mommy was moaning and groaning? Would they just watch TV in the other room? Or could it be that maybe just maybe you would decide to come in the middle of the night while the house was quite? And so it was, Sunday night once both big kids settled down for the night (Isaiah had to get up early to go to school!) my labor was in full swing. Your dad & I walked up and down that hallway a hundred times! No joke!! It was a marathon. At about 11:30 pm, I got your daddy to call the midwife. She actually said to call her back when the contractions were LONGER! REALLY??? Not more frequent but longer! Dang it! How can they tell by just talking to you over the phone how imminent it really is? I just started to think that I had to give birth to you without any assistance. I clenched that trusty Iphone with the contraction app and recorded every little thing.

 Finally at about 2 am in the morning our angel midwife Amy (from Allen Birthing Center) arrived. She has the most gently voice and knows just how to assist without intruding. She gave me so much confidence that I could do this. Shortly after Amy arrived you decided it was time for your grand entrance! (I won’t go into the little hiccup we had when daddy fell of the bed trying to record the birth. Hey, on the bright side we got some great pictures and Amy got a good laugh.) And as for your brother & sis? They stayed fast asleep until Seda (of course Seda!), little Miss Inquisitive, woke up about 10 minutes before the head popped out. But as I imagined Disney channel came to the rescue and after watching me for only a few minutes she was off to her once-in a lifetime chance of watching TV at 2:30 am!!!!! Isaiah, the true gentleman, joined us once Stella was all wrapped up in a towel. 🙂 No icky visuals here.

I absolutely love love love remembering the day you were born! I love the feeling of joy & absolute bliss when I held your little warm body. Sharing you with the rest of the family is one of my proudest moments. You have marked your place in our hearts little Stella Elle! We are so happy you are here and now ONE year old! Happy happy birthday my love! And many many more.

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