Saturday mornings

Saturday is game day in our house. Soccer that is! But on TV my boys are watching football. Sorry guys, I can imagine doing so many other things with my time. Of course, soccer games are family affairs. But the whole fantasy football thing and the endless TV watching September through almost February!!! Not my cup of tea.

photo (53)


There she goes my soccer player. Real athletes wear hot pink! Second game of the season and another WIN for Team Mosby!! I gotta say, she has improved so much in one year. Last year towards the last quarter of the game I could see her energy levels going down down down. Today I overheard her asking the coach to please go back in! Really? My little girl prefers to play in the heat!! instead of chatting with her girl friends in this amazing shade that one of  the moms brought!

photo (55)

(It’s nice to have someone else think of something for a change!) 

Final score: 15:0! Now that’s a reason to smile!

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